Hey, I’m James Guardino,
the documentary and commercial director 

– not the brazillian underwear model (yeah, I’m disappointed too – I wish I had his abs).

JG in 60 Seconds

I’m a freelance director of TV commercials and documentaries.

I also run a boutique video agency that produces branded content and social media campaigns for companies and causes focused on making the world a better place.  

I have an outsider’s perspective and a blue collar work ethic from my dad, who was a boxer and a truck driver, and raised me on his own. Being a creative entrepreneur and filmmaker, I live to connect and collaborate with like-minded clients and creatives. That’s when the magic happens because filmmaking is a team sport.

personal info

Name: James Guardino

Web:  bylinestudio.com  (my production company)

Selected Work

Mini Docs